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Video DVDs and Books


Players can not be expected to learn specific technical skills only in their free time or when they are not training. The coach plays a vital role here. He has to understand the players problems and see where they are techincally deficient. Just telling them what to do and slightly analysing technical skills is not enough, it is the coach’s duty to visually demonstrate them. This is very important for players as they can master any skill by a simple and efficient principle – imitation. Imitating, copying the skills of excellent footballers. That is the basis of this DVD and also the teaching of renowned footballer coach and instructor Wiel Coerver.

The DVD is divided in 3 parts:

  • Ball mastering – more than 30 exercises
  • Dribblings – Decieving your opponent – more than 30 different dribblings from the immitation of top level players
  • Organisation forms – more than 10 different organisation forms

The exercises are performed by footballers from the Slovenian FA Football Academy in Ljubljana. They are intended for beginners, younger and also older footballers to improve their technical skills.


PRICE: 22 euro