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Our Practice

Style of Play of Our Teams in Practice

The biggest reference is our practice in terms of style of play of our teams. In the videos bellow you can see the style of play that we achieved in practice with different teams, with different players and with different age categories. Thy style is the same: fast combination play, fast offensive transitions and aggressive reactions after losing the ball.

Our style is similar as spanish approach, the tiki-taka which mean a system approach to football founded upon team unity and a comprehensive understanding in the geometry of space on a football field. The main characteristic is short passing style in which the ball is worked carefully through various channels. The style involves roaming movement and positional interchange among midfielders, moving the ball in intricate patterns, and sharp, one- or two-touch passing. 

The first video shows this style of possession that allows a good control of play and to fatique the opponent, sometimes we need to rest with the ball and when we create space by moving the opponent we try to score. In first part of the video is the Interblock team from season 2010/2011 with Miha Zajc, Andraž Šporar, Nik Kapun and Jaka Šušteršič. They made a diamond shape on the side to create short passes and to tire the opponent. After that the boys from ND Gorica – Amel Džuzdanovič, Jaka Kolenc, Aljaž Kavčič and Jani Curk made a similar action with short and sharp passes against Celje. Also the next generation of players – Jan Humar, Matija Božič, Bine Kavčič, Blaž Vižintin – shows a positional play making diamond shapes and triangles. You will see 2 great actions against NK Dekani. In the end the Feel-Coaching style is repeated with players of NK Maribor U19. The video proof that we can reach this attractive and dominant way of playing in all teams, without having Iniesta, Xavi and Busquets.


The Football Style with short passes and dominant ball possession - coach: Iztok Kavčič

Combination Play of ND Gorica U13 - coach: Jovan Milosevič

As Pep Guardiola said: Possession is important when you create chances, so possession for itself is nothing. We try to have the possession in front because sometimes you have loads of possession but do not create chances, just to defend and defend, because when you have possession, you have the ball and it is impossible the opponent can score a goal. But I like possession because I like it when my team has the ball, but always you have to try to have good possession because i repeat possession for itself is nothing. 

We are concentrated also in vertical play when is possible. In fast transitions and vertical passes to come in chances to score. 

Nice Actions with fast transitions - coach: Iztok Kavčič