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Immitating top-players

Exercises for better finishing

From El Clasico to training

In this article we will present some te-ta exercises that we developed after watching the last outstanding El Clasico in Madrid. We analysed the actions and movements of James Rodriguez, scoring an equalising goal for 2:2 and Lionel Messi winning goal for 2:3.

Our exercise selection is often based on the immitation of top-teams tactics and top-players technical skills and movements. Method based on the movements and skills of the major players, offers endless opportunities to anyone to learn football skills. Therefore, in the education of the young player, there are two factors of the crucial importance:

1. a Coach who has mastered the technical elements and movements of important players, and he is able to demonstrate and communicate those movements to the player or the team.

2. the ability of a football player to understand the demonstrations and can repeat the movements. The science with the discovery of mirror neurons, confirms the correctness of such methodology.

messi in madrid rakitic

A superb El Clasico in Madrid with many shots on both sides, 5 goals and dramatic finish The Guardian describes:

“What a game this had been, and what a finish it had – one that reflected the 92 minutes that went before. It had been wonderful, wild and open to the end. Emotions swung with attacks. A classic clásico in which, if Messi stood above them all, it was not because others did not stand tall. It had been captivating from start to finish. “It was a match between two wonderful teams that gave everything to win and in truth either side could have been victorious,” Luis Enrique said. ”

EXERCISES for individual training:

  1. scoring like Messi: exercise is immitating the movement and shooting like Messi winning gol. The ball is passed from side and the striker shoot with the nearest foot in the first angle keeping the ball on the ground.

ind training - Messi

click here to see the video –> individual training – shooting like Messi

2. scoring like James Rodriguez: the ball is passed semi-low on the first post, while the attacker has to come              from behind towards the first post and shoot with the nearest foot or header.

ind training - James

click here to see the video –> individual training – shooting like James Rodriguez